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The changing lifestyles of urban dwellers have created a demand for safe and quiet public spaces in the city, sanctuaries in a bustling urban jungle.  These spaces are needed by a wide assortment of people, such as students, who need to study while waiting for parents who are working, entrepreneurs who are starting solo or with few employees, out of town businessmen who need a city address, freelance designers, artists and online strategists who need high speed internet connections and wide open spaces for their creative pursuits.

Entrepreneurs need a versatile and affordable working spaces to grow. One can’t stay in a coffee shop for the whole day… sometimes it becomes too loud and noisy to concentrate and meet with clients. One also needs a business address, but then renting and fitting out an office space can be expensive and stressful. Monthly overhead to maintain one can be prohibitive. A start up company needs a proper venue to present and launch its product or services, however, booking for a venue can be difficult and expensive. Also, a crowded restaurant might not be a good idea.

But now no need to worry…whether it’s just for a few hours,  a short or a long term stay, move in with ease, only at GlobalSpaces.

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Virtual Office is for start-ups, small and medium enterprises who want to continue their business operations despite the pandemic for a much lesser operating cost compared to putting up and maintaining their own office.

Coworking spaces provide you with cost savings alternative and convenience through the use of common office infrastructure and other services. With shared space, you can still work independently on different projects and tasks while enjoying the same amenities you will find in a traditional office.


We offer real estate services that can make owning, selling and transferring your properties a lot easier and without the hassle of doing your own legwork to manage your properties.

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