Why Businesses Today Should Invest in Distributed Teams

The concept of remote work is far from new; however, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its adoption. Today, companies across all industries are embracing a distributed workforce or taking steps towards supporting one.

For many experts, the increasing popularity of distributed teams is mainly due to two things: the globalization of business and rapid technological advancements in cloud-based productivity tools. Companies are also beginning to see the incredible advantages of leveraging the diverse skills and talents of a global workforce.

Given all these benefits, the widespread adoption of distributed teams is projected to continue long after the COVID-19 outbreak is over. In fact, people worldwide are expecting it too, with a survey from Owl Labs determining that 92% of employees anticipate working from home at least one day per week in the post-pandemic world. On the other hand, a staggering 82% of them expect to work from home at least three days a week.

But just how beneficial is a distributed team to your business? Besides the ability to tap into a global talent pool, how else can a remote workforce bring your company to greater heights?

Higher Productivity

Research from Stanford Graduate School of Business found that work-from-home arrangements increased employee performance levels by up to 13%, with 9% due to fewer breaks and sick days while the remaining 4% was attributed to more calls per minute, thanks to a quieter working environment. Overall, the study found that productivity was boosted by 22% when people were allowed to work remotely.

From this, it’s clear that a distributed team puts in more hours and more effort than a co-located one.

Reduced Expenses

A distributed team means less office space, equipment, and utilities consumed, all of which usually make up the bulk of your business expenses. Consider the subscription plans to common cloud-based productivity tools:

Slack: $8.00 / person / month

Zoom: $14.99 / host / month

G Suite: $12.00 / user / month

Trello: $9.99 / user / month

Calendly: $8.00 / user / month

In addition to these, companies with remote employees tend to make use of a co-working space for their conferences and private meetings. These are incredibly cost-effective too; for instance, the rates of GlobalSpaces, the premier co-working space in Makati City, starting at an affordable PHP27,300 per month. This is definitely much less than what you would normally pay to rent land or a designated office.

Better Work-Life Balance

According to Statista, 72% of job-seekers regard work-life balance as an important factor to consider when sending out applications. To add to that, data collected by FlexJobs showed that 79% of workers agree that flexible jobs promote better work-life balance, as well as less stressful workdays.

Since working remotely enables an employee to choose their office hours, they can focus on their other priorities during the day, whether it be preparing meals for the family or picking up their kids from school. They also save a ton of time and money on commuting and take-out food.

Keep in mind that a better work-life balance means higher employee satisfaction levels. If you want your workers to remain happy in their roles and loyal to your business, then you should start taking steps towards embracing a distributed team.

Try Co-working Spaces in Makati to Embrace a Distributed Team

As advantageous as a distributed team is, adjusting to one takes time and effort, especially if you’ll be introducing new cloud-based productivity tools and other digital technologies.

However, embracing a distributed team is much easier with GlobalSpaces, a co-working space in Makati that provides countless amenities, from private conference rooms to a virtual business address and high Internet speed.

Thanks to GlobalSpaces, making the move towards a remote workforce has never been easier!

GlobalSpaces even provides support to start-ups and entrepreneurs in the Philippines, with services like virtual office packages, and private rooms for meetings and conferences.

Interested? Then, book a FREE consultation now to learn how GlobalSpaces can help take your career or business to greater heights. You may also contact them at 0998-842-4192.

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